Brad Norman

The Auction Master

Brad Norman

Brad Norman

Topic: "The Auction Master - buy a house for 9,000 at US Auctions and Tax Liens"

We bought on August 17 a $9,000 house and on August 21 a $12,000 house. In my speech I will tell you how we did it and how you can do it too.


GoGo Real Estate LLC Was Set up in 2013 by Bradley Norman.

Bradley Norman is an award winning Real Estate Investor.

The Mission of the Business was to research and Purchase Distressed Commercial Properties, that we see as undervalued from US Government agencies.

We then re-model theses commercial buildings and re position them to current market values.

Specialising in Warehouse conversion to Business Centres, Apartment Buildings, Office Blocks and small Industrial.

Bradley Norman has 15 Years experience in this Sector in the UK , as well as 5 years in the US Building a Portfolio of over $ 7 Million Dollars, partnering with Banks Like Lloyds of London.

We also try to keep all the people we employ locally to where the projects are located so keeping the work in the local Community.

We currently work in Washington, Indiana, Maryland & Arkansas, & are looking to Expand our portfolio in to other states.



Phone: (800) 699-0952‚Äč


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