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Rick Hoogendoorn


Topic: "The VICTORIA MARKET for downsizers AND investors"

Rick Hoogendoorn is commonly referred to as "Rictoria" at Ozzie's Real Estate Action Group (REAG) meetings. Rick and his spouse Cheri began investing in real estate in 1997 and built up a substantial portfolio of properties in Western Canada, primarily through joint venture partnerships with family and friends. Rick and Cheri are three-time Deal of the Year award winners with Ozzie's REAG group, twice for Best Joint Venture Partnership and once for Best Land Deal.

In November 2014 they completed construction on their first 20 unit, purpose-built rental apartment building: Roberts Landing. Their second building, the 30-unit Roberts Place, followed. They are now completing a 63-unit purpose-built rental development on the same street, Hockley Corners. In all cases, Rick and Cheri set up limited partnerships to make the projects happen. Their next build, in booming Langford, will be available to investors later this fall.

Rick is the author of two books, What Is Stopping You? and 18 Holes to Your Goals. He also contributed to Ozzie's book Real Estate Action 2.0. Rick is an entertaining speaker, and he has a knack for doing impersonations.

Rick Hoogendoorn and Cheri Crause

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