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Rudy Nielsen, RI, FRI

Rudy Nielsen, RI, FRI

Topic: "Where should you invest? How to find and valuate land using the new technology in today’s real estate environment."

One of the foremost experts in recreational land valuation and development in British Columbia.

With over 50 years of experience, Rudy Nielsen is a highly regarded expert in the real estate industry. Rudy has occupied the roles of developer, appraiser, entrepreneur, land owner, real estate consultant, speaker and deal maker. A skilled negotiator, Rudy has successfully closed many notable deals and worked with thousands of individuals on buying and selling real estate. He’s an innovator and a trailblazer and many look to him to provide insight on recreational land and real estate trends.

sRudy has a unique and highly successful method of determining the highest and best use of a property, the ability to develop a property to fulfill that vision and create a market strategy to showcase the property to the ideal target market.


Experience / Knowledge

Realtor: Rudy was licensed as a realtor from 1964 to 1982. He owned his first real estate firm in 1971 in Northern British Columbia, specializing in selling commercial and industrial real estate. He also specialised in land assembly projects and trained many real estate salesmen, given many seminars on real estate and motivational speeches both in Canada and the United States.  

Appraiser: Rudy obtained his diploma in Urban Land Economics in appraising from the University of British Columbia in 1972. He is a member of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia, and a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada. He also has attended numerous seminars on appraising and marketing, both in Canada and the United States. For more than four decades, he’s been a fee appraiser for numerous companies including: Canada Safeway, Imperial Esso, Gulf Oil, Texaco, Standard Oil, Touche Ross, Royal Bank of Canada, Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Nova Scotia, Montreal Trust, Toronto Dominion Bank, Tilden Rent-a-Car, Uniroyal Tires, Van Tel Credit Union, Roman Catholic Church, Can-Corporation, Imperial Pacific Resources, Imperial Life City of Prince George, Royal Trust, Pacific Rim Mortgages, and Seattle First Bank. His specialty is using maps, satellites, and air photos. He has appraised ranches, farms, islands, and both commercial and industrial properties, and in 1990, he valuated the 500,000-acre Douglas Lake Ranch for a client.

Rudy spent several years appraising and valuating timber for B.C. Forestry and had also completed timber valuation reports for clients throughout B.C.


Consultant / Negotiator Rudy’s consulting services offers the same unique skillset that he uses to manage his own diverse portfolio of rural lands to others. Land owners and investors can benefit from the unique recreational land expertise that he offers.

Whether you’re a property owner, private company, realtor, or an individual with a high potential trophy property holding, his combined consulting services can help you realize the full potential of your real estate asset


NIHO (Nielsen Holdings) Group of Companies

NIHO Land & Cattle Company –

NIHO Land & Cattle Company, has marketed and sold all types of real estate over the past 4 decades including ranches, farms, ocean and fresh water islands, resorts, and timber properties, With Rudy’s unique skills of finding properties, within a 10-year period Rudy purchased over 700 properties, including the 30,000-acre, 250 property “Wineberg Estate” from Imperial Life.

By 1991 NIHO he owned some of the most prestigious recreational lands in BC including 65,000 feet of ocean frontage and over 60,000 feet of river frontage, including private islands, parkland properties and secluded ocean front peninsulas.

This making Rudy one of the largest private land owners of recreational properties in British Columbia.


Landcor Data

Recognizing an unmet need for fast and accurate electronic real estate appraisals in the form of an automated valuation model (AVM), Rudy founded Landcor Data Corporation in 1987. Many years were invested in programming and designing an in-house, state-of-the-art system to offer fast and up-to-date real estate analysis and valuation of properties.

Landcor is recognized as having one of the most accurate AVM models in Canada. To date, BC residential values, valuated by Landcor in the past 19 years, is over 55 trillion dollars!

Apart from individual property valuation reports, clients have come to Landcor for in depth custom reporting solutions – building off its comprehensive database of information on over 2.1 million properties in BC.

Landcor’s sophisticated system is a user-friendly analytic program that allows a wide range of professional and consumer users to access and analyze past and present real estate data to make informed real estate, lending and risk averse decisions.


LandQuest Rudy is also Founder and Partner of this unique real estate company, which specializes in marketing and selling rural, recreational and investment properties throughout British Columbia. Their large database of listings ranges from small bare land acreages to large trophy ranches across all price points.


Media Relations: Rudy has shared his experiences in recreational real estate with the BBC, CBC Radio, CFUN and CKNW Radio in Vancouver, CKMX and CHQR Radio in Calgary, and 680 AM and CFRB Radio in Toronto He has been featured on CBC News, Rogers Cable Television “Money Talks”, City TV’s “Realty Television”, KVOS’s “Real Estate 101”, and Report on Business Television. Rudy and NIHO Land & Cattle Company have been the subject of two hour-long episodes of the popular “Wings over Canada” program which airs across North America Rudy has written many articles for R.I. Input, Real Living Magazine, Western Investor and Cottage Magazine. Rudy and NIHO Land and Cattle Company have been featured in The Globe & Mail, The National Post, South China Morning Post, The Sunday Times of London, WestJet and Air Canada’s inflight publications,’s Money, as well as other numerous publications.


Committees / Organizations Rudy has served on the CORE Lands Evaluation Commission for the Province of British Columbia and the West Coast Treaty Negotiations – Province of BC, was the Vice President for All Points Relocation for Western Canada, and chaired numerous committees on multiple listing boards.

He currently resides on the board for Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers and is long standing member (45+ years) with the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia.


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